Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island  
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    Needing no introduction, the Statue of Liberty has for decades been one of the nation's leading attractions. People from all over the world have come to see her, the very symbol of what America is all about. As it goes, though, there are probably many New Yorkers who have never made the climb to the Crown. While there is sometimes a 2 to 3 hour wait in line (spring and fall), followed by a 22 story climb, it is well worth the wait and the effort. 

   In addition, a Museum in the pedestal includes exhibits on immigration that recall through words, objects, and photographs the arrival of millions of new Americans. An exhibit on the Statue explains how it was conceived and constructed. It's a great place for a family outing and will create a memory to last a lifetime. 

   The National Park Service offers Public Tours outdoors from April 1 through October 31. Indoor Museum tours are conducted from November 1 through March 31. Tours are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis and availability depends on current staffing levels. Each tour last approximately 30 minutes. 

   Group Tours are conducted on the same schedule, with outdoor tours limited to 45 students and adults and indoor tours limited to 20 students and adults. 

   Transportation to Liberty Island is via Circle Line ferry, which departs on a regular schedule both from Battery Park in New York and Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The ferry is the only fee incurred in visiting the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, aside from food and souvenirs. 

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor

   Looking at the buildings on Ellis Island from Battery Park is a breathtaking experience. And the closer you get, the better it is. 

   Ellis Island was the gateway for more than half of the immigrants entering the U.S. between 1892 and 1924. Closed to public tours in 1984, it was reopened in 1990, following a $160 million restoration. 

   The centerpiece of the restoration project was the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, with 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, restored areas, and educational facilities, including an interactive learning center for children. Two theaters, each accommodating 140 people, feature a documentary film entitled, "Island of Hope, Island of Tears." The Museum is self-guided, though an audio-tour can be rented to help. 

   The American Immigrant Wall of Honor displays the names of countless individuals who risked everything to come to America. They were the people who built this country. On the Wall their names are inscribed by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to honor the courage and commitment of those who dared to build upon their dreams. 

   Reserved Programs for Groups are available year-round, for either the NYNEX Learning Center or Theater II. 

At either attraction, school groups must be chaperoned: 1 adult for 10 students. 

Dimensions of the Statue

  • Height: base to torch (45.3 m) Ft. 151 In. 1

  • Foundation: pedestal to torch (91.5 m) Ft. 305 In. 1

  • Heel to top of head Ft.111 In. 1

  • Length of hand Ft.16 In. 5

  • Index finger Ft.8 In. 0

  • Circumference at second joint Ft.3 In. 6

  • Size of finger nail 13x10 in.

  • Head from chin to cranium Ft. 17 In. 3

  • Head thickness from ear to ear Ft. 10 In. 0

  • Distance across the eye Ft. 2 In. 6

  • Length of nose Ft. 4 In. 6

  • Right arm, length Ft. 42 In. 0

  • Right arm, greatest thickness Ft. 12 In. 0

  • Thickness of waist Ft. 35 In. 0

  • Width of mouth Ft. 3 In. 0

  • Tablet, length Ft. 23 In. 7

  • Tablet, width Ft. 13 In. 7

  • Tablet, thickness Ft. 2 In. 0