Safety At    

    Our primary concern at TravelOn USA   is the safety and well being of all our passengers.  That is why TravelOn USA   works with you to customize your itinerary, addressing the fun and educational aspects of your tour as well as the safety and security issues.  We work with our transportation suppliers to assure that our itineraries are in compliance with U S Department of Transportation Regulations, assuring a rested, focused and alert motor coach driver.
    When planning your itinerary, we are mindful of the guidelines that govern the number of hours your tour coach operator is permitted to drive each day.  Simply stated, your driver can be on duty up to 15 hours and then must have 8 consecutive hours off duty before driving again.  Only 10 of these on duty hours may be used for driving.  Once the 15-hour limit is reached, the driver must have 8 hours off duty.
    Our security personnel undergo training with periodic updates and maintain their focus on the safety and security of every group they are charged with protecting.