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Enhance Your Tour!

    Customize your tour package with any of the following options designed to provide your group with a well-rounded tour experience. We can arrange evening activities & special group outings designed to meet your group's needs & budget. 

Ask your  TravelOn USA consultant for details

Dinner Theater DJ Parties Dinner Dance Cruises
Swimming & Pizza Parties Concerts Roller Skating
"Rockin' Bowling" Parties Ski Trips Whale Watching Cruises
Broadway Shows Sports Events Live Performances
Optional Sight-Seeing Excursions Luxury Cruises Music Festivals & Performance Tours
College and University Campus Tours

   Great memories of your tour can be created for you by Create A Video™  on VHS and also DVD-R formats. Cameras are provided, or your digital images can be used. The images you provide are posted on a website for you and your friends to enjoy.  About 2 weeks after your tour the finished videos will be returned to your school for pickup. 

   All videos include cool special effects, moving zooms, opening and closing titles and music.  Performing groups can provide their own music for the background of their video. All for about the same price or less of a group photo.  Plus, an 8 x 10 group photo will be provided to the school FREE!

   Students have a blast reliving their Lifetime experience and have great keepsake to enjoy for years to come! Teachers like the way it reinforces the educational purpose of the trip and how it serves as a great recruiting tool for the next year. Mom and Dad get to see the benefits of how their hard-earned dollars were spent.

See a sample video online at or use the following links:

Field trips... (Windows) (MAC)
Bands.. (Windows) (MAC) 
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